Pool Aid


Pool Covers


We install the best safety covers available: Loop-Loc, Tara, and Merlin brands. These high-performance pool covers are designed to protect your investment during the off-season. We carefully measure your pool so each custom cover will be a perfect fit.


A “safety” cover is designed to provide just that: safety. Some lower-quality covers will not hold the weight of a child and can become a liability when in use. For this reason, Pool-Aid chooses to exclusively install safety covers. If you already own a cover and it is in good condition, we are willing to use it to close your pool for the winter.

Swim season can sneak up on a homeowner! Unfortunately, opening your pool too late can cause more algae problems because of the warmer weather. If you schedule your opening in advance, you can beat the rush and have your pool in top condition, right on time!