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Upgrade The Look Of Your Above Ground Pool

Nothing says “summer” like floating around in a cool pool on a hot day. If you are fortunate enough to have your own pool, what a luxury! Sometimes, however, an above ground pool can look a little less than luxurious. We have put together a few ideas to upgrade the look of your above ground pool which will upgrade your entire pool experience.

Build a deck around it. A beautifully designed deck will give your pool an instant facelift. Furnish your deck with lounge chairs, an outdoor rug, a chic umbrella and a variety of flowering greenery and you will be sunning and swimming in luxury all summer long.

Surround your pool with a solid retaining wall. Using upscale material like stone, brick or wood will give it a more quality look and feel. Extend that look with a stone or brick patio filled with all your poolside furnishings and you will be relaxing by the pool in style.

Lighting and landscaping will absolutely transform your pool space. Create a professional looking flower bed around your pool by edging it out and adding lush, low maintenance plants, topping it off with a layer of mulch. Light up your pool area with string lights and solar lights along your paths. Strategically placed solar lights in your landscaping will also add a touch of refinement.

Create a low budget, tropical vibe with reed fencing attached to your pool’s exterior. Try adding a custom poolside tiki bar with barstools and a grass umbrella to accentuate your vibe. Round your look off with large tropical plants like banana trees, pampas grass or elephant ears. All you need now is a pina colada!

An above ground pool can be just as luxurious as an in ground pool with a little creativity. These are but a few ideas that may help you upgrade the look of your above ground pool.


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