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What To Do To Your Pool After A Heavy Rain

Ideally, you would cover your pool before the rain comes. Often, however, a storm pops up without warning or possibly you are not home in time to cover your pool before a storm hits. If your pool has been exposed to heavy rain, what do you need to do to make it safe to swim in again? We will discuss here a few necessary steps.

A thorough cleaning will be necessary. Most heavy rains are accompanied by strong winds. All kinds of debris will have been blown into your pool. Start by skimming out the leaves, twigs, branches and bugs. You may even have pool accessories that need to be removed. All these things make your pool dirty. You will also need to vacuum the bottom of your pool, as well as brush your steps, ladders and walls. Once all debris has been removed, turn on your filters.

Balance the chemicals. Heavy rain can alter your pool’s pH and alkalinity levels. Adjustments may be necessary. Level out your sanitizer, chlorine or other, to kill off any contaminants that the rain may have introduced. If you are not sure how to properly balance all of the chemicals, call on a professional to test your water and balance the levels.

A bit of heavy rain can surely alter your pool’s chemical levels, making it unsafe for swimming. Following these steps will help get your pool back to a safe level so you can get back to enjoying that cool, clean water on a warm, sunny day.


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